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Web Branding Redesign for Breast Cancer Foundation 

Survivor Wendy Shurelds, founded Many Shades of Pink to place greater emphasis on the specialized needs of Black and Brown women battling breast cancer. Near and dear to my heart because I am a breast cancer thriver, I took on this project while still in treatment.


Unfortunately, Wendy’s base Wix design, white text on a black background with pink accents that pop and slides page navigation, had been hijacked by an unresponsive designer. So, she asked me to recreate and enhance her website with web copy, brand messaging + graphics, an extensive FAQs page, and a media page.

Many Solutions 

Initially, it was necessary to polish a few brand details before moving on to web copy.  Ironically, Wendy was using the domain name, because her non-profit name sans the number was unavailable.  If for no other reason than fixing her domain name, I’d say she’s fortunate the other designer went MIA. I advised her to grab the domain name. This way, she can rely on the great-sounding shorter acronym, MSOP, plus the word “My” to create a sense of belonging each time it’s given out, searched, or displayed. Also, she’s promoting her business every time it’s uttered.

Next, I sought to deepen MSOP’s brand messages with a new tagline that resonated with the work MyMSOP champions.  The foundation hosts a monthly health fair where free mobile mammograms are provided for uninsured or underinsured women among other benefits.  So, it is in this spirit of safekeeping that I found the words.

To prominently showcase caring camaraderie on the splash page, I repurposed clips of an older MSOP event video (shown above). Through softly shimmering bokeh on black, the words “care about you” appear, and a moment later “we” is added to the phrasing over visuals of sisterhood.  It’s dramatic, adding intrigue to the glitzy pink glam of the brand as you enter the site. I love the play on words with “care about you” having more than one meaning for the community it serves.  The care is designed specifically for this community and the organization is expressing how it feels and why it exists. 

When Wendy and Many Shades of Pink were featured in breast cancer awareness month news coverage below, I found she appreciated the new language so much that she put it on her car.



Many Shades of Pink is distinctive in that it serves, supports, and raises funds for Black and Brown breast cancer survivors in the comfort of their own communities.  Wendy insisted on keeping the image gallery slider from the original design.  I made sure those images had a cohesive design and told the story of why visitors should care. From clearly laying out the challenge faced by women of color to the life-saving resources, testimonial impacts, and ways site visitors can contribute.  You can see below, that the web copy (Heading + Subscriber Footer CTA) is inviting and SEO optimized:   


Web Copy Writing Samples

I wrote an original copy of the 10 FAQs pages designed to deliver information most pertinent to women of color.  Additionally, shown here is the compelling donation copy that quickly and concisely informs visitors of MSOP’s vital needs. Showcasing the foundation receiving a donation from a local business.  Finally, a detailed media page that gives journalists a synopsis of Many Shades of Pink’s history, values, and future focus.

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