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Creative ad Copywriting

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Unthinkable Creative Ad

Your Comfort is Preferred

Brand Awareness Campaign

This is the first video ad I designed for Preferred Cremation(PCB). After a long hiatus from using any social media for quite some time. PCB needed me to re-established the 20-year-old business’s new Facebook page under the company’s control. Afterward, I began to create a new presence.

The Goal

Followers from the old page were invited to the new page. Since they were unaccustomed to engaging with Preferred, I recommended consistent posts (see below) and this video ad to build awareness.

The solution

Witnessing firsthand,  Preferred’s high level of service, I sought to capture customers’ emotions in the ad copy and assure them of what they could expect from Preferred.

What’s more, prominently placed video titles on the ad display amplify the cornerstone of this business’s offer: Comfort. Quality. Affordability.

Including a slight play on words with “you can relax, we’ll handle the rest” to make the ad messages stand out from standard jargon.

The owner Mark Jenkins was camera shy, and to get around the time constraints of a busy business, I curated stock video that illustrated the copy.

The Result

This ad ran on Facebook for one week. The ad reached about 2000 people with 30 Learn More click-throughs and the purchase of 1 new pre-arrangement plan.


Writing | Storytelling | Voice | Audio Editing | Adobe After Effect | Adobe Premier

Social Posts

Regular social posts during and around this campaign were highly effective at increasing engagement. For instance, the jewelry post brought 3 customers into the office that purchased keepsakes.

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Writing | Storytelling | Graphic Design | Photoshop | Curation

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