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San Diego Black History Profile

San Diaspora

San Diego Black History Moments circa 2011

Originally named San Diego Black History Moments (SDHBM).  Chuck Ambers (above) is just one of the 28 educational radio spots aired 2 years in a row on KSDS Jazz 88.3 for Black History Month programming. Prominently featuring the historical achievements of San Diego’s local black community the radio spots are the first of their kind. 

Developed long before the social unrest sparked by George Floyd’s murder or the popularity of digital content creation for Black excellence.  SDBHM was created with my audio media mentor Darnell Forde whose special brand of advocacy always pushed me toward greater heights.

Initially, we produced SBHM in 2011 for the San Diego Gospel radio station KURS 1040am (which no longer exists).  Moving at a breakneck pace, I researched, wrote, and voiced the spots while Darnell coached my vocals and produced the audio. We worked around the clock to produce and deliver this programming on time as it aired.  Those were good times and proud moments educating and highlighting San Diego’s hidden history.

Reinventing the Moment

Since then, SDBHM has been revised with fresh copy, and voice and I’ve added new features of current-day Black history makers.  Additionally, the next iteration of stories this project has inspired will include more than just radio spots.  San Diaspora™ thoughtfully tells current and historical stories that continue to inform, inspire and educate. Fostering a greater sense of pride and belonging.

With Much Comes Many Rewards

Lastly, of note, my experience with SDBHM has been one of the most expansive and beneficial in my development as a creative.  Both broadening and deepening a range of skills, from the art of conceptual ideation, and managing a project, to writing for a tight 60 seconds.  Moreover, making sure my storytelling is energetic and professionally performed.  What’s more, is my distinctive style of capturing interviews of substance like the one featured here. Equally important, was how SDBHM inspired me to learn videography and video editing.

Striving to share SDBHM in mediums other than just audio, I took every opportunity to practice and improve.  Below, you can compare  George Ramsey’s Black history moment video from 2014 when I began dabbling in video production with the Chuck Ambers above.  Sharpening the skills needed to produce San Diego Black History Moments and evolve gave me the confidence to grow into web design and SEO. graphic design, news and content writing, and creative ad design. Although, I’m especially proud of specializing in short brand stories that I can bring to life with video. 

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