Radio Production | Soul Sounds

The Soul of a Case Study

I first conceived of this project as a means of creating a radio show I’d like to listen to and to further develop as a creative.

Selecting an artist whose music I both love and respect I chose Curtis Mayfield as my muse.

Overlaying rich vocal content from my in depth research with the brilliance of another female musical giant of today’s era, Eryka Badu.  A subtle remix of a few of her intoxicating tracks were used to blend the sound design of  Soul Sounds opening and transitions, keeping the show both nostalgic and fresh.

The use of the “Impressions of Curtis Mayfield” by Jazz Soul Seven given to me by good friend Joe Kocherhans at KSDS Jazz 88.3 were weaved in under longer narrative sequences to further beautify the listening experience.

Featuring an interview with Curtis Mayfield by ______ and my curation of his most profound songs and couple of commercial breaks voiced by moi, Soul Sounds is a tight 30 minutes of captivating easy listening audio.

To hear the full episode click here.

Record | Voice | Storytelling | Audio Production & Editing | Writing | Adobe After Effect | Adobe Premier

Featured on the San Diego Monitor News during Black Music Month June 2019. 



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