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Creative Copy & Campaign

Keep Your Price Video Ad

Sentimental Savings

Preferred Cremation & Burial Pre-Arrangement Plans

Mark Jenkins and his team of professionals at Preferred Cremation really live up to their slogan “excellence in service.”  They are warm, compassionate, and meet the moment of grief in people’s lives with relief.

The Goal

So when the local San Diego funeral proprietor wanted to advertise the cost savings of preparing for the inevitable.

The solution

We decided on a video ad to amplify the financial benefit of early planning. Notwithstanding, the comfort, ease, and simplicity these plans provide for grieving family members.

Focused on saving over a lifetime, this 30-second ad weaves in life-affirming copy with carefully curated stock footage of pivotal moments. The script contrasts life changes with the unchanging price of burial services at Preferred.

After a series of creative ad design projects for Preferred’s social media marketing, I had become quite adept at striking a solemn balance with a celebration of life.

The Result

This ad ran on Facebook yielding 20% sales increase.

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Writing | Storytelling | Voice | Audio Editing | Adobe After Effect | Adobe Premier

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Social Posts

Regular social posts during and around this campaign were highly effective at increasing engagement. For instance, the jewelry post brought 3 customers into the office that purchased keepsakes.

Writing | Storytelling | Graphic Design | Photoshop | Curation

Jewelry hanging around female neck
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