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Creative Event Promotion Ad

Finding Your Roots

A Black History Month Celebration at Bourre Suite

Promoting both the event and the space, I convinced Bourre Suites and Yvette Porter-Moore of Root Digger Genealogy to team up in celebration of Black History Month.

Love of cultural heritage inspires an event

Bourre Suite wanted to give back to their predominantly Black American clientele and promote their new gathering space in east San Diego. Understanding how important family history is to this population. I immediately suggested spotlighting the local historian and genealogist’s expert ancestry research in a free event that would educate and honor this important holiday. You can check out an excerpt of Yvette’s presentation in this post.

Defining a Celebration

After facilitating the event coordination, I produced both the promotional graphics and a creative ad to promote this event with only a 4-week lead time. Creatively, the blue-green gradient background symbolized brand collaboration. Bringing together Bourre Suite’s blue brand colors to host Root Digger Genealogy Services’ green branding for a special presentation.

Also, to enhance the aesthetic human faces were included in the event flyers, people are naturally drawn to them. So, I added black and white photos of Yvette’s family over her tree logo graphic which features an avatar of her as well. A worthwhile breaking of the rules given our short lead time and the inobtrusive effect on her logo. The change was approved.

Panning across the comfy eclectic decor of the event center, the video I shot, helps the welcoming atmosphere stand out. As easygoing bluesy tones flatter my good-natured voiceover which I scripted for a tight 27 seconds delivery. Thereby, perfect for this web ad or radio promotion. Additionally, the main flyer was used in mock-ups for social media posts along with an alternate Facebook event cover design as shown below:

male hands typing on laptop keyboardOver girl's shoulder looking at mobile phoneGirl looking up

Event Flyer for Bourre Suite in San DiegoFacebook Event post shown on Laptop

The Black History Month celebration was intimate and well-attended for a first-ever event with approximately 20 people in attendance.  

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