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Beauty Brand Design

Afro Cosmetology Black Hair Care Course Campaign

I. Design

Working with a legacy black hair company, both a product manufacturer and seminal publisher of afro hair science I branded this product and designed the course campaign.  Mastering Texture was the first installment in a planned series of courses, I assisted with product development and served as a quality assurance editor.

Updated and repurposed, this digital course is based on the historic work of Dr. Willie L. Morrow.  Studying the nature of black hair before anyone cared to, Dr. Morrow wrote cosmetology curriculums that took him around the world.   An American civilian commissioned by the Department of Defense to teach military barbers to cut and care for black hair.  Indeed, he often bragged of setting foot in almost every country on earth during wartime.  Nevertheless, a self-taught chemist, Mr. Morrow created black hair product lines.  In addition to formulating the texture-altering Curl hairstyle so popular among African Americans in the 80s and 90s. He also invented the comb blow dryer nozzle and patented the first afro pick in the US.

Although the campaign was never released, I took the image below at a small lecture hosted by Sisterlocks. Another historic black hair care company I’ve worked with at their headquarters in San Diego, CA.  The photo became the foundation for the slightly edgy aesthetic the client, Cheryl Morrow, Mr. Morrow’s daughter desired.


Photography |Photoshop |Video| Brand Strategy

Girl giving a presentation
Girl giving a presentation

In keeping with black heritage, she wanted to use black, red, green and gold.  Trusty photoshop helped me transform the image setting, graphic texture in the clients’ selected color palette. Delighted the client couldn’t wait to share on social media. Consequently, this image formed the basis for visuals and was used as the cover for the lead generation giveaway “The 7 Wonders of Natural Curly Hair”, and the cover for each course in the series.

girl in salon ebook cover
Girl in Salon Cellphone Mockup
Girl teaching class

II. Voice & Video

At the time (2019), perhaps even still, the concept’s focus on teaching natural hair care from a scientific perspective wasn’t really being done. The course series sought to fill in the gaps of traditional cosmetology education for black beauty industry professionals drawing on more than 50 years of afro hair research, product and comb making.

Communicating that to the target audience in a relatable, yet science-forward voice and imagery was paramount.  Akin to the metaphysical approach of the course creator, Cheryl Morrow, I came up with an evolved feel that was familiar enough (“coils and twist-outs”) with the language of high interest (research-based science) for an audience that wasn’t usually spoken to broadly by mainstream media (this was before covid and protests).

I wrote, voiced, and produced several promotional videos using both stock and video shots from my camera and/or phone.

Connecting the natural beauty of black hair texture to nature, and produced in the style of a nature documentary trailer with a cosmic aesthetic.  The main promotional video below showcases the variety of textures and hairstyles worn by those with naturally curly hair.  More than that, the close-ups of black hair and combing through the afro curls depicted in the video were ahead of their time.  This imagery in promotions wasn’t as prevalent as it is now.

Set to melodic music with a tinge of mystery, my voice as the Afro Cosmetology course promises to reveal curly hair science secrets of the universe creating a sense of anticipation for qualified beauty professionals that need a new conversation with their clients, and thus expand their services.  

Script Writing | Voice | Audio Production | Music Curation | Adobe Audition| Adobe Premiere Pro

III. Messaging & Web

As it goes with science, the goal was for the messaging to push the bounds of language and to be understood, entertaining and engaging.

So, in the sales page design, you’ll note relatable copy that’s both compelling and resolves challenges faced by the black beauty professionals.  Yet, lighthearted black vernacular, joking gif, and a made-up word like “Frofessional”, that’s expressed with respect provide an easy flow to the narrative.

It was also important to make generous use of the word “Afro” of course because it is the title. But, also the term is a universally loved reference to black hair within the community, which means strength to us.  More importantly, the page is optimized for organic search keywords “curly hair” and “textured hair” prominently searched terms for black beauty professionals and the natural hair community they serve.

Additionally, I designed a week-long email series for new subscribers of this campaign. There were plans for a pre-sale and launch at the start of the holiday season and a release of the product on the first day of Kwanzaa. The symbolism would be greatly appreciated within the cultural community.

Simultaneously, I also designed the product page and store on, my old site.

store page on

Copy Writing | SEO Content | Audio Production | Music Curation | Adobe Audition| Adobe Premiere Pro | Web design

Here’s a quick video preview of the live sales page:


Social Ads

These are just a few of the social posts prepared for a 3-4 week digital campaign. Instagram was our platform of choice and all of the media was designed for ad placement with an offer for a freebie download.  I conceptualized and wrote, voiced, and produced each script.


IV. Conclusion

I really enjoyed designing this digital campaign. Not only because it was for a niche community within my cultural community.  But, projects like this allow me to use the full spectrum of creative skills, from photography to design of copy and graphics, music curation, and voice artistry!  Oh gosh, and web design, plus email marketing, too!

It’s unfortunate we were unable to launch due to unforeseen circumstances because I would have loved to have monitored and measured the progress. Moving forward, I’d like to find more work like this within a creative agency or with collaborators to synergize, learn from others, and uplevel my creative impact and outcomes.

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