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Beyond Magazine TEGAA Feature

TEGAA artisan, Nay Secka’s jewelry and apparel are featured in the holiday edition.

Using Ms. Secka’s unique story of Gambia-made wear, I scripted a comprehensive, yet intriguing story. Weaving in fast-paced on-location interviews, my voiceover narration, and the titillating fashion-forward footage I shot.

Yes, this one-woman crew designed the video, wrote the article, and social ad copy below. Plus more, each developed on a tight schedule.

Truly, this is one of my favorite brand features. From the quality of scripting to the warm, friendly pacing of voice and timing of shots I never listen back and think about changing it.

A Lesson Learned

Except for the fountain noise in the background of my interviews. In post-production, I was able to reduce unwanted sound and enhance vocals to levels above the background noise and music bed.  This was an unusual circumstance, I’ve acquired new equipment to better attend to ambient noise on location.

I specialize in telling substantive stories in one minute. Check out my other stories here.


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The first of a series of social posts, I shot this video at Bash Boutique the posh location of the Beyond Magazine Launch party.  Directing the client to quickly convey what it means for her dream to become a reality, I captured this authentic moment and produced this 30-second teaser as a Save the Date for her community.


Video Production | Video Editing | Photography | Audio Production

Adored by the client, this quick social content gives Belita’s audience a few more details about what they can expect from Beyond Magazine. Illuminating the opulence contained in the pages of Beyond and event planners’ world.


Ad Copy Design | Video Production | Video Editing | Photography | Audio Production

Tapped again to contribute editorial and produce promotional assets for the next Beyond Magazine edition. I selected a simple to-the-point ad copy designed with a pretty southern California winter holiday aesthetic. 


Ad Copy Design | Video Production | Video Editing | Photography | Audio Production

breakfast in bed with magazine

Belita was especially pleased with this stock photo selection for social media posts leading up to this editions release. Evoking the beauty of better living, this photo captures what Beyond Magazine inspires.


Photoshop | Image Curation

How to make Date Night magic by Nechel Sheree Best

Girl in a jacket It can be hard to find time to get together when we are all so busy, but it’s important for all relationships. Especially for lovers, those we’re so fortunate to share with in deeply personal and secret ways. You know, your boo! Both of you deserve some time and space reserved just for making sure what has been desirable and precious stays that way. Obviously, as an event planner for a little more than 20 years, I am almost always involved in some manner of special romance. Be it weddings and anniversaries or planning intimate birthday celebrations, I know the couple that plays together stays together. So, I’m sharing my sage advice for making sure that dating your spouse or significant other becomes a tradition. First, things first, if necessary, you must set a standing appointment so that these special times just automatically happen. This makes sure it does happen because you will get used to scheduling other things around it. Here are 3 of my surefire recommendations for making date nights magical. 1. The Twist Mostly everyone loves pleasant surprises. When a loved one takes the time to think about the intricacies of our personalities and craft an experience that is totally catered to us. You fill in the details, but here’s the twist. Give some reasonable excuse for a change to date night. Like doing something they’d rather not. Then make it their most cherished memory ever! 2. The Escape You’re probably thinking “yeah, yeah take a trip.” Nope, escaping is not for the faint at heart. You must take a balanced approach to this endeavor and be willing to get out of your comfort zone; and if necessary, lovingly coax your darling into a daring adventure. Try shedding who you think you are for who you want to be. Yes, role playing! Meet up for coffee or drinks instead of your usual movie and pretend to be strangers that just met. Or in private become the Queen of Sheba that flirts with her male attendant. You get the idea and the scenarios are endless. Interestingly, role playing is a huge field of academic study that improves emotional intelligence. Google it, you'll see, then grab some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 3. Whisk Away You knew it already, of course “getting away” makes a magical date night. And though it can be, this doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. Staycations within a 10 minute to 2-hour radius of your home are so refreshing. What I love about the “whisk away” is how the rekindling of a cozy connection gently lightens the weight of the world. Couples are so often challenged by the practicalities of life that its easy to lose sight of why it all matters. A few slow hours dedicated to the rhythm of whispers, cuddles, giggles, and hugs will prioritize LOVE and let the world know to adjust.
© May 4, 2019 *Nechel Sheree Best*

How to make Date Night magic

by Nechel Sheree Best

Longtime San Diego event planner, Belita Butler founder of decided to throw caution to the wind, going beyond fears and doubts to seize her dream of publishing a magazine.

Advising her with all aspects of concept and design, I also provided content development and brand promotional design. Delivering distinctive tips for the “Date Night” in a voice and style Belita’s audience appreciated. I ghostwrote this article for the Winter second edition of Beyond Magazine.

I really enjoy the allure of beauty and fashion editorial.

A seasonal publication, the article was featured in Beyond Magazine’s Valentine’s day release in 2019.



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