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Soul Sounds Another Episode 

Such a pleasure interviewing Ms. Rachel Evans about producing her very first album.  The daughter of the legendary keyboardist Carl Evans, Jr. of the San Diego-based Fatburger smooth jazz group popular in the 1980s.

An undeniable talent, the singer-songwriter has a surprisingly unassuming presence. Given that she grew up around greats such as Hollis Gentry III, and Nathan East.  Her sci-fi soulful mix eclectically spans the R & B music universe and is titled A Girl From Earth.

In one of my best interviews, Rachel and I discussed meaningful moments with her late father, code-switching, growing up in a musical family, and how she sees music as a form of storytelling.  In conversation, it’s difficult to imagine her crisp, pristine articulation breaking into deep rhythmic tones.

Yet, she shares both her inspirations, aspirations and artistic lyricism in a variety of jazzy neo-soul styles.  Still, bringing us along with what’s familiar while charting her own path through the cosmos.

Radio Production

Using the same sound imaging as in the first Soul Sounds Curtis Mayfield episode for the intro and transitions.  In contrast, this episode features imperceptible edits of song excerpts on Rachel’s album as opposed to their full length.  

Also, another difference is listeners are brought into the studio to listen with Rachel and me to her new album.  It feels very personal as she generously shares.  Unfortunately, links to her album are no longer available.  I’m on the lookout and will update this post if I find them.

← You can listen to the full episode via the SoundCloud link.

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Featured on the San Diego Monitor News during Black Music Month June 2019. 



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