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Graphic Design

A Graphic San Diego: Get Down

Black Music Month Banner or Podcast Graphic.

Obviously, creating this design was a lot of fun!  Anyone who knows me knows I love San Diego. As you can see in the beautiful skyline of the background, it’s truly America’s finest city.

Great for a social ad, media channel banner, or sales page copy this gif can immediately display who, what and why by animating in messages.  What’s more, the backdrop can be personalized for the brand.  If the cityscape doesn’t work for you, we can change it.  A smart mix of still image ads and animated advertising is the best way to offset ad fatigue according to Adexpresso.

I created this gif while playing around with lead image ideas for a podcast cover.  Cutouts from two different photos of models striking a dance pose, and photoshop’s magic helped me make those movements come alive.  Even better, now you can add music to gifs on a few platforms.

The final iteration here was used as the SDMNews Facebook banner during Black Music Month 2019.   For more functional graphic design, check out this project.

Photoshop|Photo Curation | Video Editing | Adobe Premier




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