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Brandspering: The Art of the Interview

by | Feb 9, 2023 | News

Ever notice how you are your best when relaxed and comfortable, feeling soothed and at ease? It’s why, meditation, vacations, and taking breaks are good at revealing what’s hidden. There’s something evocative about taking the pressure off and just being inquisitive. It’s also what I do best in an interview. Create a pleasant space for shy company execs, introverted artists, and self-conscious experts to meaningfully share.

Even when subject matter experts are gregarious outspoken extroverts for which delightful stories seem to come easy. It’s wise to take measures to optimize performance outcomes.

I call this brand whispering. The bonafide art of fostering intimacy that allows aficionados to tell their most unique and compelling stories. Intentional prioritizing of the interviewee’s mindset and an ideal interview setting can make a big difference in production value.

The difference whispering makes

There’s nothing worse than someone having an off day that results in subpar media you’ll wrestle with in post. Or making the effort, say in an interview and not uncovering the advantage for your brand’s growth. 

In today’s break-neck, high-stakes business landscape, who has time for mistakes you can avoid? 

None of us. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to stay connected or reconnect to the ideas that inspire your efforts. So, nurturing your brand’s essence and story can get lost in the details of tracking finances and meeting deadlines. 

You know, that essential, yet not-so-glamorous stuff that absolutely powers your story.

In countless interviews, I’ve created an atmosphere of ease capturing the most genuine makings of a brand story from personal stories.  Helping clients to say what needs to be said in just the right way comes naturally for my clients with a simple conversation.

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How to get a brand to whisper

Be it virtual or in-person, preparing with these brand whispering techniques help to strengthen client expression and believability:

  • Reflect on what you and your client want to accomplish with this interview and keep your objectives top of mind.
  • Prepare a preliminary set of questions and remain open to unexpected flashes of brilliance from your open-ended questions.
  • Make making a connection a priority. It elevates the production value tremendously when there is a genuine connection between you and the interview subject.
  • Be your authentic self and use your observations to ensure your ongoing interactions are calming for the subject matter expert.
  • Hunger can have a negative impact on the mood of your interview. Have you heard of hangry? Hunger that makes you angry. Suggest that your interview subject has a good meal prior to interviewing with you.
  • You’re not comfortable and relaxed if you’re rushing. Communicate that the interview should be scheduled when they have ample time and will not be distracted by upcoming tasks.
  • Whether you choose to share interview questions prior to the interview or not, take the pressure off your subject by informing them of what to expect during the interview. Assure them of your experience and ability to capture multiple takes and edit errors.

“Reflect” and “make a connection” can seem pretty vague, especially to a busy mind with a million things to do. However, in her article owning your whisper brand, Reagan Walsh outlines a quick practice to clarify core values. Flipping the concept leads to an evaluation that helps you decide how your brand should whisper to the world.

Listen as a brand whispers

Whether designing a brochure for your new product or producing a radio promotion for a new campaign. We’ll start by telling your brand story in a recorded interview that lays an expansive foundation. This brand-building dialogue can be mined again and again in the development of a variety of future creatives.

For instance, working with Dr. Joanne Cornwell, founder of Sisterlocks – a legacy black hair care company based in San Diego, CA. This comprehensive interview was field recorded in her North Park offices and yielded this infinitely repurposable story told in her own impactful words.

Now Joanne is no shrinking violet. Although her demeanor is reserved, she’s an assertive woman who speaks her mind. However, the decision to meet with her and record in the comfort of her own environment enhanced this interview.  We sat at the bar of the kitchenette area of her tri-level offices as she nostalgically discussed the journey, ideals, and aspirations which surrounded us.

In my experience, besides asking questions that spark insightful answers, extroverted personalities become more free-spoken ousting bland jargon when authenticity is their only option. Similarly, intuitively probing introverts, can lead to more expressive answers. Throw in some leading questions if necessary. 

Of course, my goal is to tap into dreams and reveal missions of creativity that expose new possibilities for elevating your brand.

Get your brand to whisper

Daunting as it is to overcome a hectic schedule, come up with fresh new ideas, tell your story, or a new version of your client’s story. It’s essential to reawaken authentic brand enthusiasm for you, your staff, and your customers. Getting your brand to whisper in a revealing interview will save you precious time. More than that, it gives you the flexibility to publish a blog, video, or audio promotion, and develop new brand messages. 

So, no need for overwhelm, use the tips here or if you need any help I’m here for you. Combining the art of an interview with analytics we’ll discover brand-new treasures to grow your audience. Simply, book a consultation here: 

Discover your Best Story

Let’s talk about creating your next project.

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Nechel Best Bio

Nechel Best, Creator


 is a voice talent, and brand strategist that designs websites, writes for digital campaigns, and produces audio and video stories. She cares deeply about people, personal development and prospering. With great expectations of her media, she helps to create what’s only been imaginable.

Nechel Best Bio

Nechel Best, Creator

is a voice talent, and brand strategist that designs websites, writes for digital campaigns, and produces audio and video stories. She cares deeply about people, personal development and prospering. With great expectations of her media, she helps to create what’s only been imaginable.

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